The Action Pulse Survey is a tri-annual tracking study that we conduct in-house to collect information about South Australian attitudes about our State to investigate what matters most to people right now. We are inherently interested in the power of people’s opinions to make or break a community.

As proud South Australians, we want to understand more about how people feel about the State. More specifically, we want to start a conversation about the issues facing South Australia, and some of the possible solutions for them too.

The Action Pulse Survey collects info about people's attitudes towards South Australia, to investigate what matters most to us right now. Our reports present a snapshot of the key findings from each survey.

Satisfaction with South Australia

64 / 100

Consumer confidence

56 / 100

Recommend South Australia to others

67 / 100

Our Methodology

This survey is undertaken 3 times a year. It is completed online, with quotas applied on age, gender and region to ensure a representative sample of South Australia’s population is achieved. A total of n=1000 interviews are typically sought for statistical significance.

This survey has not been commissioned or sponsored by any third party, and is undertaken internally by us as a part of our commitment to continually improve our knowledge about the State. This is just a snapshot of the results, and if you’re interested in seeing more detail, please get in contact with us to discuss your needs.